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Strengthening Conditioner 0.2: Panthenol B-5, Hydrolzed Bao-Bab Protein Pome granate

Strengthening Conditioner 0.2 Panthenol B-5, Hydrolzed Bao-Bab Protein, Pomegranate is a complex hair balm is formulated to repair hair weakened by chemical processes, and environmental exposure; Leave your hair soft and full.

Active Ingredients

Rich b-5 panthenol makes shiny hair and strong stems increasing hair hydration.
The hydrolyzed bao-beige protein supports the protein matrix, retaining the strength and increasing the hair's resistance to chemical, uv and thermal stress.
The panax ginseng rich in active ginsenoids stimulates the scalp and hair follicle generating nourishment and conditioning, accelerating hair growth.
Tucuma rich in polyphenols and fatty acids visibly nourishes, conditions and hydrates hair and scalp, restoring health and natural hair shine.
Liposomes penetrate the cortex by optimizing the penetration of the active ingredients, providing more resilient, healthier hair.


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