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Stefano Saccani what means?

Stefano Saccani was born in 'April of 1994 as a way of life. The rapid expansion created a life around the concept of total well-being which today includes several specialized fields to develop this concept: 8Rooms Beuty / Spa, Hair Spa, Parfumery, Beauty Apothecary, Design, Style, Stefano Saccani Distribution, Stefano Saccani Iternational Luxury Services, Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line.

Can I receive annual reports or market information?

Stefano Saccani is a private company that does not provide annual reports or market information.

Who do I contact regarding employment opportunities with the team Stefano Saccani?

Stefano Saccani want to get in touch with dynamic and energetic people with whom to establish a path of human growth and professional mutual and lasting. If you meet these requirements immediately send your CV to:


Can I change the details in my order in Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line?

Before completing an order at Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line at any time do I edit or delete items.

What are the methods of payments Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line?

You can pay with Pay Pal system, Visa, American Exspress or by bank transfer in advance. The shipment will be dealt to the crediting visualizzione on our C / C. For a fast delivery please send a copy of bank transfer by mail @ or send a fax to +39 0521 223154
Any products not available, will receive immediate notification by phone or mail with reference to data provided by you.

Safe to use my credit card on your website

Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line has as its primary customers and respect their privacy. All information we collect about you are processing with the utmost care and security. We use the latest encryption technology of Banca Popolare di Vicenza, to ensure that all data transactions are protected at the highest level. Every time you access Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line to create a new order you must enter your credit card details, this to provide maximum security in terms of the transaction online. Please see our privacy policy for further details.

Can I still buy an item that is sold out?

The stock levels are indicated below the product photo. If an item is sold out you can not add the article to your order. If you want to place an order for an item that is sold out, please contact customer service, by mail @ or request information at no +39 0521 228147, our team will be happy to help.

How can I purchase the book and forthcoming products?

There are some categories of products whose sale is subject to reservation, articles may be forthcoming or that sell products created specially to order, for which the reservation is necessary. Send an email to, in addition to your personal information and indicate the amount of code you want. Our customer care service will help you to process your request.

You receive notification of order via e-mail?

In order to be sure that the transaction at the time of confirmation of purchase, an automated service will send you confirmation of receipt to mail you indicated with the order number and summary. Once your order will be 'escaped you will receive an email confirmation of shipment.

Can I order gift certificates online?

E 'possible to order gift certificates directly to Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line. There are 7 levels of expenditure, the vouchers can be spent for services or purchases of products at our facility in Parma, or for items in the catalog Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line.

Can redeem gift vouchers on-line?

To redeem a coupon in Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line, it is necessary that once the purchase, send an email to @ indicating the name and surname of the person to whom you have sent your good AUTHORIZATION 'use of credit and the number that will be sent via e-mail upon completion of the purchase transaction.

How do I create a wishlist?

- A: When browsing our site, after choosing the product that you want to add, click Add to WISH LIST BUTTON
- Step two: then the name of wishes for future reference (for example birthday list, Christmas list etc ...)
- Step three: Once you've completed this list, send to your friends and family with your personalized message
- Step Four: Continue Shopping
Its as easy as that!


Why are products discontinued?

Originality and innovation are key concepts to ensure continuity and reliability of the mark Stefano Saccani. We are always attentive to what's new on the market to determine the trends in order to quickly select the products and ranges, more effective ed'avanguardia. We believe that the philosophy of the brand Stefano Saccani can meet the demand of the customer demands. If the marks do not correspond exactly to the needs of our customers, the sale will be discontinued to make way for new products to the new requirements. However, we are always happy to offer advice or recommendations on alternative products.

Where can I buy Stefano Saccani?

It 'easy to buy products Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line. The online store offers a wide range of products, alternatively you can visit our office in Parma, where our team store will be available to offer advice on products as well as our recommendations.

Why does it sometimes take so long to get more supplies of an item?

Stefano Saccani offers a variety of brands both known and new from around the world. Delivery times can sometimes be longer than expected due to the fact that many of our products contain special ingredients, are produced in relatively small quantities and require more careful and rigorous. Our orders are constant and frequent, but sometimes your requests are higher than ours turover. Stock, we apologize in advance if we are sometimes in the absence of products, this ensures their freshness.

Should I use the same line of products to enable them to work effectively?

Some of the products we sell are working in synergy within their line, while others can be used in combination with other lines. When you browse our online store, you will see that you will find advice about which products work best together. For more information please contact our customer service @ or contact us at no +39 0521 228147

How can I get samples of products?

amples are available in some lines, but as a general rule, not be given if not by specific request, indicating your need to @ we will be happy to assist with any application for a sample product.

How do I find the ingredients of a product?

Can view the list of ingredients in products sold in Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line reference of each ingredient click on the link located at the side of the product. You can also click on our ingredients glossary to learn more about the characteristics of each ingredient sigolo.

They are all natural products for sale?

Stefano Saccani is more than 2500 different references, each with their own philosophies formulation ranging from 100% organic ingredients of high technology and provide comprehensive information about each brand and product on this site. If you need more information about a specific product or brand, please contact our customer service @ or contact us at no +39 0521 228147

The products on sale in Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line are hypoallergenic?

All products sold by Stefano Saccani are tested by the best dermatologic laboratories worldwide. If you know of an ingredient for which displayed allergy, please see the list of ingredients for a product that can be considered before deciding to make a purchase. If you have a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, please consult your doctor before trying a new product. If known allergy to the product, please visit your doctor with the product, so that there is an opportunity to read the ingredients to find the optimal solution.

There are organic products for sale in Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line?

There are many products on the basis of staffing within the range we carry. More information about the products within each brand, including the ingredients of the product is available in Stefano Saccani Shop: On-line.

Cosmetics on sale in Stefano Saccani Shop: on-line are tested on animals?

All cosmetics sold in our website are not tested on animals, not contain ingredients of animal or human origins.

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