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Stefano Saccani Corporate Gift is a special section dedicated to companies wishing gratify, with particular care and attention, their customers and not alone.

You can choose among our treatments, our gift wrap or gift voucher to be used at the our Shop in Parma, products or services or to buy freely on our on-line catalogue. One way of surprising gratify your professional relationship, by adjusting the impact of the gift on the basis of the importance of your business relationship.

Your gift will be packaged in our distinctive Black Box, where, upon request, you can add your messages and will be delivered at the Headquarter of your company or individually, directly at the acceptor, on worldwide.

Stefano Saccani Gift Corporate, is a unique way to highlight your company.

For information on the service, opportunities and quotes, please contact:


Stefano Saccani Corporate Gifting Service
Piazza Ghiaia, 7 - 43121 Parma - Italy
Phone +39 0521 238545
Fax +39 0521 223154

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