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LE SALON EN HIVER is a new scented candle from David Mallett. The delicate scent composition captures the brisk, efficient energy of David’s salon, and also its warm and reassuring intimacy.

As the name suggests, this is a Winter candle, best used from early Autumn through to late Spring. This is a season when the salon becomes a warm, comforting oasis against the cooler streets of Paris outside.

The combination of scents is eclectic, telling the story of the David Mallett world; like the salon it combines masculine and feminine elements, it evokes precision and warmth, it combines classical elements with modernity, and it triggers the imagination. All of these ideas are represented in the evocative composition of the notes.

Top notes of zesty bergamot, lemon, spicy cinnamon give spice, energy, and a sense of activity.
Middle notes of floral rose, Egyptian geranium create a nostalgic reminder of Summer.
Base notes of incense, woody vetiver, tobacco, fresh hay offer a sense of calm timelessness.

For David Mallett, the candle also contains a very personal memory:
“The candle is inspired by a winter journey I took to the Caucasian mountains where I tasted the most beautiful natural honeycomb. The colour was pure deep gold, the honey smelt of amber and apricot trees, the taste was divinely smooth and velvety, complex and layered, but not complicated. We dissolved big blobs of the honey into smoked tea, and drank it in the garden of a Third century monastery. This monastery, far from Paris, reminded me of the mood I try to create with our work at the salon. The moment evoked a sense of calm optimism and reassurance. I begin to imagine how I might keep that moment forever. Every time I light the candle, it transports me back to that Winter afternoon.” – David Mallett

LE SALON EN HIVER candles echo the aesthetic tone of the David Mallett technique and style; quality, simplicity, elegance. The candles are hand-made in Paris from the finest vegetable wax.



Approx. burn time: 40 hours



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