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fundamental Eau de Parfum

We smell niche fragrance for a living here at Luckyscent, so when something comes across our noses that we've never really experienced before, we tend to pay attention. Fundamental, the very first fragrance from Verona, Italy based Andrea Rubini of Rubini Profumi, draws upon a fascinating variety of influences based around its hometown- wine, history, architecture, romance- to produce an innovatively packaged fragrance both retro and cutting-edge modern, complexly structured yet immaculately blended, and completely, utterly unique.

Fundamental is constructed around a fairly odd central note for the world of perfumery- grape. And while we've had our occasional wine or cognac themed scents that highlight boozier, fizzier aspects of the note, this is a full-bodied, aromatic grape unlike anything we've smelled before, both crisp and fruity, lightly bitter, and remarkably versatile. Neither linear nor traditionally structured, Fundamental seems to take turns dancing with its supporting notes- honeyed beeswax, earthy iris and vetiver, and smooth, quietly powerful sandalwood and cedar all have their moments to pair off with the grape, evoking facets that range from juicy to resinous, sweet to sour. Hours later, you may still not quite know what category to fit this fascinating debut into- but isn't that a great thing?


Bergamot, Tangerine, Hesperidic Flowers, Grapes, Maquis, Florentine Iris, Beeswax, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Velvet Accord, Leather


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